Manager of foreign trade department
position: Foreign trade manager
Number: 1
Academic requirements: Estudiantes de
work place: taizhou

Job description:
1, led the Ministry of foreign trade to actively explore the international market, contact with foreign customers, seek orders, and lead the business negotiations and the signing of the contract.
2, responsible for the order of foreign trade negotiation, contract signing, document review, order management, transportation, customs clearance, payment etc..
3, responsible for the assessment, tracking, management and risk control of foreign trade orders.
4, responsible for foreign trade business process management and risk control.
5, responsible for the production and supply of goods, goods inspection, customs declaration and other process tracking, timely processing of the problems in each link.
6, responsible for customer information, and timely feedback and handling customer requirements.
7. Responsible for the proper handling of the emergency accident in the process of performing the contract.
8, responsible for the training and guidance of subordinates.
9, the completion of the general manager of the temporary work assigned by the company.