Foreign trade salesman
position: Foreign trade salesman
Number: 3
Academic requirements: Undergraduate
work place: TAIZHOU

Job description:
1, the company's products and organize data upload, publish and update the network company's products;
2, to carry out foreign trade operations, expand overseas markets, the development and maintenance of foreign customers;
3, responsible for the management of foreign trade customer profiles, and timely exchange by E-Mail MSN or with customers, focus on customer needs and the state;
4, hosting visiting foreign clients, introduce related products;
5, to participate in the exhibition show customers and track maintenance;
1, international trade and related majors, mechanical products trade sales experience is preferred;
2, proficient in English (six or more) better understand other languages;
3, familiar with the operation Alibaba trade platform. Able to use trading platform, independent development, maintenance customers;
4, familiar with foreign trade operational processes, capable of independent operation orders;
5, strong commercial awareness and negotiation skills, ability to develop strong, strong sense of responsibility;
Have relevant work experience