BEILITE to participate in the 2013 India International Construction Machinery Exhibition
November 20th to 24, the seventh India International Construction Machinery Exhibition (EXCON) held in Bangalore International Convention and Exhibition center. Belit to participate in the exhibition and released a BLT-1800H type breaking hammer and BLT-1900H type breaking hammer two new products, while exhibiting the India user's favor BLT-60 and BLT-81 silent type hydraulic hammer.
During the exhibition, many new and old customers have to stop to visit Verit booth, visitors have added to Verit product praise. In particular, the release of the BLT-1800H has been on display at the customer site orders, other product orders have been signed.
The exhibition is sponsored by the India Federation of machinery industry, the country's highest specification of construction machinery exhibition, is the most direct and effective way to enter the India market, the Chinese enterprises. Since Belit entered the India construction machinery market, with reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service system, the broken hammer mute series products have been in the leading position in India market share. Through the exhibition, to further understand the user demand in India and the region engineering machinery industry development, and enhance the influence of brand of temping to produce a positive role in promoting.