Technology innovation is the knowledge and new technology, new technology, the use of new production methods and management mode, improve product quality, develop new products, improve the new service. Has been BLT adhere to the "technology innovation" development strategy, to tackle tough out of the a technology introduction, independent innovation and industrial technology development road.

“Scientific data statistics and analysis” is our basis of our quality improving control: “rectify, track, verify, and trace back” are our method to control method; “user’s absolute satisfaction” is our final goal of quality pursuit.

Since 2003, through scientific innovation and technical improvement, BEILITE Company has achieved multiple technical patents in breaking hammer industry and own multiple scientific and technological honors; the Company has perfect qualification system, and successively passed ISO 9001 quality system certificate, CE certificate, Ali Certificate (add after issuing the certificate); besides, the company’s production ability, research and development ability, trade ability, quality system and others have reached first-class breaking hammer at home.