BEILITE always insists on starting from customer’s demand and realizes the customer satisfaction and loyalty upon high-quality product, sincere service, sustainably improved management concept and method. For this, we has introduced the foreign advanced production device and high-precision detectors, and applied advanced quality management system to realize the effective guarantee of quality.
Full control, quality guarantee
According to the standard requirement, the quality management system is set up; every processing procedure is supervised and verified according to the quality management system. “Rectify, track, verify, and trace back” is our way to control quality.
  • The production process of the product implements the “first inspection, spot inspection, final inspection” tri-inspection system
    Process inspection
  • Small pieces of valve are detected by professional high-precision meters
    Detection of roundness measuring instrument
  • Core parts can be detected through high-precision equipment
    Tri-coordinate detection
  • Before leaving factory, the products have passed the strict performance test.
    performance test
Excellent quality management
Excellent quality management of BEILITE is composed of five subsystems, which are staff professionalism, production systematization, process standardization, measurement refinement, and improving persistence; these five aspects are five treasures for the excellent quality management of BEILITE, and these five aspects are respectively composed of related elements, thus the excellent quality management forms a system.
  • Staff professionalism
  • Production systematization
  • Process standardization
  • Measurement refinement
  • Improving persistence
Advanced technique, excellent equipment
High-precision processing device is the basis for quality guarantee. for this, we have introduced foreign high-end production device and combined with advanced technique to realize the effective guarantee of the product producing process.
Comprehensive management, systematic operation
Quality guarantee system is a systematic technique and management way for the inner part of the enterprise. Through the product planning, document control, control of production process, product quality detection, data analysis, feeding inspection, and supplier management, BEILITE insists on combining management with technology, namely, repeatedly checking if the enterprise has the sufficient technical guarantee ability and management guarantee ability, so that the quality guarantee system is normally operated.